The Significance of NTP Synchronization and Troubleshooting 'ntpdate operation not permitted openvz' Error on

Nov 9, 2023


In the world of web hosting and server management, ensuring accurate time synchronization is crucial. Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a protocol used to synchronize clocks on computer systems and networks across the internet. However, sometimes OpenVZ users may encounter an 'ntpdate operation not permitted openvz' error, which can hinder proper synchronization. In this article, we will explore the importance of NTP synchronization and provide solutions to troubleshoot this error on

The Importance of NTP Synchronization

Accurate time synchronization is vital for various aspects of a business's online operations. Whether it's tracking transactions, managing logs, or maintaining system integrity, synchronized time ensures consistency and reliability. When different systems operate on their own clocks, issues such as data discrepancies, transaction failures, and security vulnerabilities may arise. NTP synchronization ensures a unified and accurate time reference for all connected devices, enhancing overall server performance and operability.

Troubleshooting 'ntpdate operation not permitted openvz' Error

The 'ntpdate operation not permitted openvz' error typically occurs in OpenVZ virtualized environments, making it difficult for users to synchronize time with external NTP servers. However, there are several methods to circumvent this issue:

1. Check Container Configuration

Ensure that the container in question has the proper configuration to allow NTP synchronization. Validate that the necessary modules and kernel components are present and functioning correctly. Consult the OpenVZ documentation for specific instructions tailored to your environment.

2. Utilize Independent NTP Client

If the built-in container's ntpdate command is restricted, consider using an independent NTP client running outside the container. This approach ensures that the time synchronization is not affected by the OpenVZ restrictions. Configure the external client to sync with reliable NTP servers and update the internal container time accordingly.

3. Use the 'vzctl' Command

Another solution involves using the 'vzctl' command to grant necessary permissions to the container for NTP synchronization. By adjusting the container's time-related parameters, one can overcome the 'ntpdate operation not permitted openvz' error and achieve successful synchronization.

4. Contact OpenVZ Support

If all else fails, reaching out to the OpenVZ support team may provide further insights and guidance in troubleshooting the 'ntpdate operation not permitted openvz' error. OpenVZ experts can provide recommendations tailored to your specific environment and assist in resolving the issue.


NTP synchronization plays a vital role in maintaining accurate time across networks and systems. For businesses relying on OpenVZ virtualization, it is essential to tackle the 'ntpdate operation not permitted openvz' error to ensure consistent and reliable time synchronization. By following the troubleshooting methods outlined in this article, users can overcome this error and guarantee accurate timekeeping within their virtual environments.


This article is intended to provide general guidance and troubleshooting suggestions. Following the solutions mentioned in this article is done at your own discretion. Always consult official documentation and support channels for specific instructions related to your environment. The team cannot be held responsible for any potential issues arising from implementing the information provided herein.